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Dreams Of Ahngar


Yann wakes up in a house with kind people taking care of him. He doesn't remember anything, neither who he is or why he is here. Explore the kingdom of Ahngar and search for your past: something bad must have happen, you must find out what!

Dreams of Ahngar is an old-school 2D Action-RPG game made fully in Javascript for HTML canvas, where you can explore the world. This is the first game I made for the Pokki platform. The inspiring idea behind it at the very beginning was trying to implement 2D action/RPG style of games in Javascript/Canvas (typically, I was thinking about Zelda: A link to the past, although some people would argue Zelda is not really a RPG game). Anyway the game may be difficult at the end, I did it from scratch with no game engine, but I had this great tutorial in several chapters which is now full of ads all over the page.


screenshot 1 screenshot 2

Privacy Policy

This game does not collect any information about you, except your choices in the adventure which does not seem in anyway to be personal informations.