Unity 3D World Making Tools – Part 2

Unity 3D World Making Tools – Part 2

Here’s a little article following this one, about my personal favourite assets from Unity3D Asset Store, which are useful for creating a world, medieval, but not only.

3… 2… 1… Let’s jam:

Of course, some of them can be done from scratch more or less easily. I’m sure I could have done a spawner myself, but not with all these features, and in an undertermined amount of time. Others like fog or 3D models, or even shaders, I couldn’t have done without first learning how to do that. Which means, even more time spent on this and not on the game making. And the purpose of these assest is to save some time and make your game better-looking.

We could discuss whether it’s ok or not to use 3D models from asset stores, but well, for me it’s either that, or not making the game at all. I cannot save money to pay someone to do it, and given the amount of models in Dreams of Ylina, searching for people willing to do it for free would require decades or centuries. Unless you meet the right people. Which hardly happened to me while I had a rock band, so I kind of learned my lessons 🙂

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