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Unity 3D World Making Tools

Hey! So, let’s say in the future I want to make a great terrain in Unity, and I don’t remember what tools I loved to use previously? Well, here’s the blog post for it! I wanted to share a list, kind of a reminder for me too, of the assets I need/like to use in


Cameras? The great thing about 3D is that you can more or less control the camera like it’s a real camera. I mean, in 2D, from my very short experience, there is not much of a concept of camera, except now in things like Unity, but you just draw the tiles so that it’s on

In the beginning…

In the not-beginning, there was… In the same idea than my previous and first article in the Dreams of Ylina indieDB page, I will write a little bit about my gamer experience, back in the days when The Offspring was about to be famous but still independant: the early 90s. If I ever write other articles on