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Marketing Notes
Marketing Notes

Ideas about marketing, and general principles

One Step At A Time

As an indie game developer, or even anyone working on a personal project, especially alone, motivation is a key element of a project’s. It may sound a bit silly at first, since, well, some people could say: « motiviation is up to you, it’s a matter of will », etc. Well, the people who are the most

Asset Store Assets

A little article today about this question that sometimes pop up: Is it ok to use assets from an asset store (e.g. the Unity Asset Store)? I believe it depends on many other aspects than just using it or not, and it also depends of course on who your game is meant to be played

Unity 3D World Making Tools

Hey! So, let’s say in the future I want to make a great terrain in Unity, and I don’t remember what tools I loved to use previously? Well, here’s the blog post for it! I wanted to share a list, kind of a reminder for me too, of the assets I need/like to use in

In the beginning…

In the not-beginning, there was… In the same idea than my previous and first article in the Dreams of Ylina indieDB page, I will write a little bit about my gamer experience, back in the days when The Offspring was about to be famous but still independant: the early 90s. If I ever write other articles on