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Misc Unity3D Advices

This article will be filled continuously with misc informations about various things concerning game dev with Unity, and around that topic. It is primarily written to be a reminder for my future self, because I will certainly forgot many of these things by tomorrow (exaggerating a bit). Performance About script performance: In case of

Unity 3D World Making Tools – Part 2

Here’s a little article following this one, about my personal favourite assets from Unity3D Asset Store, which are useful for creating a world, medieval, but not only. 3… 2… 1… Let’s jam: Fog Volume 3: Well it’s for fog. Either in a dungeon, in a forest, or in space. And it is supported by Enviro (who

Asset Store Assets

A little article today about this question that sometimes pop up: Is it ok to use assets from an asset store (e.g. the Unity Asset Store)? I believe it depends on many other aspects than just using it or not, and it also depends of course on who your game is meant to be played

Unity 3D World Making Tools

Hey! So, let’s say in the future I want to make a great terrain in Unity, and I don’t remember what tools I loved to use previously? Well, here’s the blog post for it! I wanted to share a list, kind of a reminder for me too, of the assets I need/like to use in